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How to step away from your seat in a virtual office

Feature of the week: Unavailable Mode
Unavailable mode in a virtual office

Ever needed to dash away from your desk for a minute or two? Just hit that "Unavailable" button, and voila! Your video feed and microphone take a breather. No need to worry about accidentally broadcasting your midday snack munching to the team.

But remember, this cool feature has a time limit – 10 minutes tops! After that, you'll seamlessly switch into "Away" mode. Don't worry, we'll spill the beans on that in our next post!👍🏼

So, when's the perfect time to make the most of this nifty tool?

  • 🚽 When nature calls (yep, bathroom breaks just got a whole lot more discreet).

  • 📞 Answering a quick call without distractions.

  • 💼 Zooming away from your desk to tackle other tasks.

  • 🍴 Grabbing a speedy snack or a caffeine fix.

  • 👥 Attending to someone's needs offline.

Sounds handy, right? Stay tuned for more on how to make your workday smoother than butter!


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