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  • Is Soma accessible on all devices?
    Yes, Soma is accessible on a variety of devices including PC (Windows, macOS) and mobile devices (Android, iOS). Download here!
  • How can my company open an office in Soma?
    Contact us at to set up your office in Soma!
  • Can I host workshops, webinars, or events on the platform?
    Yes, you can host various events like workshops, webinars, or company town halls at our 42 Convention Hall. Sign up here to host in Soma.
  • How can I sign up and create an account?
    Sign up for a Soma account by downloading Soma on mobile or PC and following the registration process. Visit to download and sign up now!
  • Can I use SSO to register?
    We offer the option to register using social accounts like Google and Apple for a streamlined registration process.
  • How can I reset my password?
    You can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password” link on the login page and following the instructions provided.
  • How can I change my language preferences?
    We provide various languages which can be changed in the settings. [Second icon from the top]
  • Can I use Soma without my camera?
    A camera device is required to log into Soma. As we are trying to replicate an offline office experience, we have created a “camera-on” environment to encourage face to face interaction. However, you can go into “Unavailable” mode which will turn your audio and camera feed off.
  • How do I move around in Soma?
    1. Use the arrow keys or WSAD to move forward, to move left and right. Press Shift to run. 2. If you’re using your mouse, hold Left Click to move forward. Hold Left and Right Click at the same time to run. 3. To stand up, press Space. 4. To have your mouse cursor show at all times, press ESC on your keyboard.
  • How do I start a conversation?
    Just like you would do in an offline setting, simply walk up to the person. In Soma, we call this “grouping.” As you get closer you will automatically get grouped. You can walk in and out of the group to disable and enable the grouping. A yellow bubble will appear on the floor to show who you are grouped with. Being grouped with other members allows you to see each other, hear others’ voices, as well as view content that is being shared on screen - all within the group only!
  • Who can view my shared screen?
    Only those who are grouped with you can view your shared screen. When sharing your screen in a meeting room, others outside of the meeting room cannot view what you are sharing.
  • Is my audio and video being recorded?
    No, Soma does not record any audio or video. We take our member’s privacy very seriously and we explain more in depth in our Privacy Policy.

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