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How to use "Away Mode" and leave the office.

Last week, we dove into the wonders of “Unavailable Mode.” Missed it? Click here to catch up!

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce “Away Mode,” a feature that takes things up a notch.

Leaving the office for a moment
Status message for away mode

“Away Mode” is your go-to for those times you’re away from Soma for a bit longer. Plus, you can set a status message to keep everyone in the loop about your whereabouts! Whether you’re grabbing lunch, attending an offline meeting, or just taking a longer break (over 10 minutes), this feature keeps your colleagues informed and saves you from those “Where are you?” Slack messages.

Think of it as stepping away from your physical desk if you were in an offline office.

Key Features:

  • ⏳ Set your away status in different time increments (up to 60 minutes).

  • 📝 Leave an away message to share what you’re up to.

  • 🎥 Your camera and mic will turn off, and a backpack will appear on your seat to show you’re away.

  • ▶️ When you return, pick up right where you left off!


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