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[New Feature] Sharing is caring!

Updated: Apr 25

Hey Soma Squad,

Guess what? We're back with a bang! Our latest update is all about making your Soma experience even more connected and efficient. Get ready to share your dashboard with other users and glide through our sleek navigation with ease!⭐️ 

So what’s been updated?

Check out this video to see it in action! 🚀

Share Dashboard

We've supercharged "My Dashboard" to turbocharge your workspace and time #management skills. Let's not forget about "Teams" – the group feature for you and other Soma members to connect with ease. Now, brace yourselves for the grand unveiling of the "Share Dashboard" feature that seamlessly syncs with both these powerhouses.

👍🏼 Benefits

  • Transparency: Say goodbye to the mystery of your teammates' schedules. With shared dashboards, clarity reigns supreme, making way for smoother #collaboration.

  • Team Cohesion: Strengthen that team spirit! Sharing dashboards fosters unity and reinforces the idea that we're all in this together, chasing those shared goals.

🔑 Key Features

  • Share your dashboard with anyone, from your team lead to the HR team.

  • Keep track of your personal Soma usage time.

  • Peek into the Soma usage of those who've shared their dashboards with you.

  • Export data for selected dates.

  • Search users by name and time.

  • Filter by locations.

Updates to "My Dashboard"

  • Recurring schedules have been removed.

  • Now enjoy full-screen mode for an immersive experience.

  • Get a glimpse of Soma's start and last accessed time.

“Teams" Shortcut

  • Share your dashboard with your team lead effortlessly within the "Teams" feature.

  • Are you the leader of a team? Request the team to share their dashboards within the "Teams" feature.

Navigation Design

We've revamped our navigation to make your life easier. Filter through various spaces effortlessly, making searching and selecting your desired location a breeze.

Here's to hoping this update supercharges your productivity and efficiency.

Got questions or want to dive into our paid plans? Send us an email at


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