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Manifesting your new working environment.

Updated: Apr 25

One of they key angles of any successful company is deep rooted in the working environment. Our goal here at Soma is to help members work together as a team and accomplish awesome work no matter where they are around the world! It is a touch-and-go topic, but here are some tips on how to foster a beneficial working environment in Soma!

Let’s start off with the basics.

Be ready to adapt. Be open to the idea!

The office is no longer a physical location with lines of cubicles! We’ve changed the playing field, making the workspace digital and accessible for those all around the world. Working in a virtual office is a new concept for many, and it may take longer for some more than others - but that’s okay! This new way of work is a major change, so it’s very important to support your team to facilitate this smooth transition. As we start a new era for the future of work, Soma is a tool that enables members to not be tied down to one physical space. We promote a better work-life balance in hopes that people can thrive no matter where they are!

To adapt to this new environment, give these tips a try:

  • Understand the concept of coming to work in Soma and acting as if you would if you were in a physical office

  • Be open to trying new arrangements and testing what works for you and your team

  • Be flexible and adapt to the new space as you go

  • Have open communicate with your team

Prioritize onboarding and training

We at Soma believe that investing time to onboard new employees is very important! Do you remember your first week at your new job? Learning the ins and outs of the new office, trying to figure out what goes where, and struggling to find meeting room A? As easy as we try to make it, it will take time to get the hang of things! Success is highly dependent on the employer’s knowledge of their working environment, and we are here to help you do just that!

Onboarding can feel daunting, but here are a few ways to help them through this phase:

  • Create opportunities for new employees to connect with other team members

  • Introduce a buddy system throughout the week to build rapport and communicate with their colleagues

  • Host a welcome lunch or happy hour for new employees at the lounge or The Hub!

Encourage team collaborations

It may be challenging to create an inclusive working environment for your team - especially when everyone is not physically in the same space! However, Soma has made it possible to make sure that you and your team establish efficient ways to communicate, hold meetings, and network with other colleagues!

A few ways to boost a stronger foundation within the team may include:

  • Holding daily team meetings in the morning before starting off the day (Sharing goals, tasks for the day, and opportunities where teamwork would beneficial)

  • Getting together at the lounge to grab lunch or have a coffee chat

  • Reserve a meeting room and encourage team members to brainstorm

  • Define and communicate the team’s goals - weekly!

Hold casual conversations

Work is about being productive, but it is also about making sure to put time aside to hold coffee chats with your team and colleagues. We believe that the workspace is an opportunity to have meaningful connections with others, which will strengthen the overall team engagement even if you’re not physically together! Leaders and team members can encourage these sessions for employees to have a feeling of belonging, even within the virtual space. Soma has created just the space for that. We have incorporated multiple spaces within the world for you and your colleagues to comfortably relax and catch up over a cup of coffee or beer! Take advantage of these spaces and build a sense of community within your workspace.

Visit these places within Soma and foster these chats virtually:

  • Lounges located in each office floor

  • The Hub

  • Beach dock

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