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[New Update] Improving Remote Work Collaboration and Efficiency

Soma is a virtual office space for remote work. It aims to provide work experience similar to an offline office and even more. Soma will help users work and collaborate more efficiently with the latest update.


Collaboration is an important part of work. In an offline office, it is encouraged by placing team members near each other. However, this is not always possible in a remote work setting. The new Teams feature is designed to promote collaboration.

It provides the following capabilities:

  • Create Teams: Users can freely create groups also referred to as “Teams”. Teams can be organized around projects or tasks. The user who creates a team becomes the group leader and can delegate leadership to another user. This allows users to organize and manage team groups according to their needs.

  • Status display: Team members in the same group can see each other's statuses. This helps users quickly understand where their colleagues are, whether they are away from their desks - improving the efficiency of work-related communication.

  • Announcements: Users can create announcements that are only visible to members of their team group. Announcements can be sent as notifications, so important information is not missed. This can help teams share important information quickly and improve efficiency.

  • User management: Team leaders can manage team membership by easily adding or removing users from the team. This allows for more flexible management of team groups.

My Dashboard

In a remote work setting, it can be difficult to stay focused and manage time. This is because users are often working in isolation and may not have the same sense of accountability as they would in an offline office. The new My Dashboard feature is designed to address this issue.

It provides the following capabilities:

  • Work schedule: Users can set their daily work schedule and manage their work schedule all in one page. This helps users gain a clearer understanding of their time management.

  • Recurring schedule: Users can easily manage recurring tasks by setting them up just once! This can help users be more efficient with their time management when there are recurring work hours.

  • Time zone: The perfect feature for users who are always on the go! Users can easily set their time zone to work efficiently regardless of their location.

  • Filtering: Users can filter their schedule by location to easily see where they worked on a particular day. This can help users analyze their work patterns with a click of a button.

With the latest update, Soma will help users work and collaborate more efficiently. We believe that these new features will help Soma users think and act in a way that is similar to how they would in an offline office.

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