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Paid Plan Launch!

We're thrilled to announce the official paid plan launch of Soma on April 1st - a cutting-edge virtual office solution meticulously designed to empower modern professionals to achieve unparalleled productivity and efficiency in their work environments. After rigorous testing, refining, and more testing, we're excited to share Soma with the world, along with the introduction of our new paid plan.

Today's professionals face numerous challenges in managing time, collaborating effectively, and organizing data. With Soma, you can effortlessly overcome these obstacles by transitioning to our virtual office, eliminating the constraints of physical workspace and empowering remote work from any location.

Soma offers a comprehensive set of features crafted to elevate your productivity:

  • Seamless Collaboration In The Office: Experience real-time communication and teamwork in your exclusive virtual office. Break free from limitations and immerse yourself in a unified experience, no matter your location.

  • Data Organization: Easily access and manage your office's data and team members through Soma’s Office Central feature. 

  • Task Management: Seamlessly prioritize tasks and stay focused on your objectives through a day to day dashboard tool.

What does our paid plan include?

  • Exclusive offices

  • Each office tier differs in various sizes and layouts! Depending on the tier you choose for your company, offices include meeting rooms, individual pods, lounges, hot desks, and more! 

  • Office admin tools

  • Manage office access, settings, export date, and more!

  • Convention halls

  • Have access to our convention hall, where you can hold company workshops, town hall meetings, or large conferences. It’s equipped with large screens for you to easily share content. 

  • & More! 

All the features that we’ve introduced before, including new ones that we’ve just updated! Stay tuned for further updates regarding our updated features. 

Are you ready to experience the transformative power of Soma? Visit our website now to learn more and schedule a meeting with us to secure your subscription. Plus, take advantage of our limited-time FREE trial period, which we're excited to introduce during our call!

We're thrilled about the potential of Soma to empower professionals like you to achieve unprecedented success in your endeavors. Thank you for taking the time to discover our latest innovation, and we look forward to hearing about the positive impact Soma will have on your work and life!


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