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Never return to the offline office, 
Only Soma can make it happen.

We've mastered the solution to remote work.

While others failed, we thrived.

Soma has years of success and countless stories to prove it!

After years of refinements, we've perfected the art of remote work.

Join us today and unlock a realm of opportunities tailored for your company!

Our product

Discover our office spaces tailored to your needs!

Our offices are categorized into tiers based on size, each offering a unique layout designed to accommodate your company's requirements. Including spacious meeting rooms, individual pods, cozy lounge areas, and innovative digital signages, we provide diverse working arrangements to enhance your productivity and comfort. 

Sense of


No longer are you limited to staring at faces in square boxes. Soma provides a sense of presence that allows for better communication and interaction, as if you’re truly back in the office!

Connect Instantly

Instantly get connected with your colleagues by simply walking up to them. You can strike up a conversation, send an emoji or chat, or have a more private chat on the side. Creating video calls via links are now a thing of the past.

Transparent Communication

Confused whether your colleague is available or not? Are they at their desk or in a meeting? Don’t fret.

See everyone’s availability in the office, update others in real time, and make sure that everyone is aligned.

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Soma makes work, work for you.
Focus on building your business, and we will take care of the rest.
Open your office in Soma now!

 They love it, and we know you will too!

Director of Growth, Education Business

“We adopted Soma in our effort to modernize both our work environment and our core educational service offerings. I can say we’ve clearly seen an increase in real-time communication compared to our previous work-from-home policy. We’re also able to diversify our services by reaching more instructors and students.”

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